Legal Status



Hawaii Rev. Stat. Ann. 480F-1 et seq.

Loan Terms

Maximum Loan Amount: 600 face amount of check

Loan Term: Max 32 days

Finance Charge for 14-day $100 Loan: 17.65

APR for 14-day $100 Loan: 460%

Debt Limits

Maximum Number of Outstanding Loans at One Time: One. A check casher shall not enter into an agreement for deferred deposit with a customer during the period of time that an earlier agreement for a deferred deposit for the same customer is in effect. HRS §480F-4(d)

Rollovers Permitted: None. A deferred deposit transaction shall not be repaid, refinanced, or consolidated by or with the proceeds of another deferred deposit transaction. HRS §480F-4(d)

Cooling-off Period: None Specified

Repayment Plan: None Specified

Collection Limits

Collection Fees: A check casher who enters into a deferred deposit agreement and accepts a check passed on insufficient funds, or any assignee of that check casher, shall not be entitled to recover damages in any action brought pursuant to or governed by chapter 490. Instead, the check casher may charge and recover a fee for the return of a dishonored check in an amount not greater than $20. HRS § 480F-4(e).

Criminal Action: Prohibited.